答 We all know that the design of the most basic principles is to people-oriented, serving the people. According to the space, create a reasonable, comfortable and functional environment for people to meet. As the design of an interior design that best reflect this principle. Why?
As the life of the people some of the more than half of the time spent indoors, so a good indoor environment can give us a better enjoyment.
My profession is interior design, interior design is that the individual in a space designed satisfactory, in which people may want to do the things they like, find a sense of enjoyment. But this is also the interior design of the most difficult because it involved cover a very wide area, including space, style, design, physical factors, color, furniture and furnishings. . . And so on, there are green, ergonomic these are to be involved. Therefore, this process is very difficult.
Finally, I think, it is necessary to study interior design from a different point of view it is necessary to know it, feel it, but also to use it.


Everyone has a dream.
Now I want to say something about my dream.What is my dream?I often ask myself.In my mind,everyone shall have his own dream.I think that having a dream means that we have an idea,and then we will do all the things to achieve the target.As long as we have a goal to be realized,we won’t be blind at least.
My dream is to become a successful doctor,helping those sick people and saving their lives.Of course,to be a good doctor is very difficult,but I will do whatever I can do to keep everyone healthy.That's my dream.I want to try my best to help the poor sick people of our country.I want to let them have an opportunity to receive excellent treatments for their illnesses without having to pay much or just enjoy them free.China is a developing country which needs good medicine and good doctors,especially in the countryside and distant villages.
Now I’m a junior student on Grade One,all my classmates and I are working hard.We all know that the entrance exam of high schools coming in the year of 2009 is a big challenge for us,so we must study harder and harder in order to go to a good high school.Thus after we finish our senior high school,we are able to go to a good university.Finally,we can find a good job in society.
My dream is also that although at present I’m good at study,I’ll still try my best to be the study winner.Now everything I do is close to my dream.I feel life is fill with hope and is colorful,and I have enough confidence to realize my dream.
I know that fantasy is something hard to realize,but dream can.I’ll work hard for my dreams,I’ll never give up.

求一篇150词的英语作文写我为什么选择这个专业(要求包括:1我为什么要选这门专业 2我有什么

Teaching has been my favorite occupation all the time. My dream of being a teacher was rooted in my childhood. The good natured, patient and strict teachers in primary school made a strong impression on me. As I grow up, I know more about my desired career.Teachers are considered as the greatest occupation in the world. Teachers are the engineers of human soul. That is to say, they play roles in the forming and shaping of students' intellectual and psychological make-up.They try their best to help their students obtain the knowledge. Teachers are also lifelong learners while instructing students.

假如你是一名设计师现在打算为自己设计一套漂亮而舒适的房子请以My dream home为题写一篇英语作文60词

My dream home is a very beautiful house with a garden, a swimming pool and a football field. There are three floors in the house. On the ground floor, there are two large nice sitting-rooms, two big dinning-rooms and a kitchen. We can watch TV, have meals and chat with friends there. It’s a good place to meet friends there. On the first floor, there are about eight bedrooms. Every bedroom has two computers, a shower and a very comfortable bed. You can sleep in it. On the second floor, there is a big TV and a computer. You can watch films there. There is a table and four sofas in it too. We can sit on it and watch films. There is a big tree in the garden. In Summer, we can sit under the tree and chat with each other. We can also grow flowers there. There are many beautiful flowers there. In Autumn, we can play football on the football field. We can practice playing football every day. This is my dream home. I enjoy living in it.

英语作文 如果你是一位小小的设计师你会为自己设计一个怎样的房间

您好:I want to become a designer. People put me design of clothes to wear on the body, the old man wearing my clothes will become young and full of vigor, children wear will be more foil their lively youth angry. They praise my beautiful clothes, this is what made me feel happy thing. I design clothes will become a milepost of fashion design industry.
. "My future is not a dream"! I will Study hard, even now from my dream is still far away, but I will work hard to achieve my dream.